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I am from theatre world. My roots are in theatre. After marrying Akash, the world of colors has been opened to me. Now, I live and breathe in the ambience of visual arts. Anywhere I move I confront art. This is how my art of enactment turned into the art of painting. Our whole house and studios appear to be an art school to me where everyone is engaged in talking, discussing and executing art works. Most shelves are loaded with art books, catalogues, art souvenirs and C.D’s etc. Imagine, in such milieu, was it possible for me to escape from the painting activity.
Even the joy of being on stage, performing in front of thousand audiences amidst clapping hands turned into a backdrop and a new cyclorama emerged.
Today, it is quite common to call oneself ‘self taught’. But, I shall not call myself a self taught. My theatre teachers gave lessons on art. While students, we were obliged to visit museums. The art lessons had already begun. Later, I pursued a course under the able guidance of Shail Choyal, my father-in-law
who taught me the appreciation of art which still continues. Relentlessly,
we deliberate on art works in the exhibitions or film projections. The learning process is an ongoing secret in our family.
In my present works, I aim to exploit the sensation of color field areas with unending spaces. I prefer to work on large canvases to get room for a considerable freedom so that my own picture Objects, spaces and body, intangible vision and tangible factitiousness could cooperate in special inter relationship.
I start to do something and within this process there is a power which continues the process until it is fulfilled. After wards new beginning always follows.
Charul Laul Choyal






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