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Recent works . Triograph . 2006 to 2008 . 1996 to 2005 . Drawings . Etchings . Paintings . Video . Sculpture . Installation



About Medium:
In the Trio-graph medium, use of different layers of pen and ink drawings, interlacing the attenuated images create an illusionary 3D scene onto a 2D pictorial surface.

This technique is yet to be confessed at the global art scenario which otherwise is not uncommon in the present commercial ad world.

I believes, i am the first one to employ and search this especial mode of technique and expression in the present scenario of contemporary Indian art.



Tags: contemporary art, triograph, 3d, 3 d, holographic, hologram, lenticular, india, indian, fine, jaipur, rajasthan, big , stereo, stereogram, anagliph
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