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Recent works . Triograph . 2006 to 2008 . 1996 to 2005 . Drawings . Etchings . Paintings . Video . Sculpture . Installation

  Title:  Magician and the journey      

Recent Works
"The Muse"

Works executed between 2010 and 2011

An article by
Shail Choyal (my father)

Ever since he grew up we have known Akash through his dream and his confrontation with the real and the unreal. During his expedition, he has persistently remained a non conformist delving deep into his own fantasy world that still holds his attention. It is his conviction that the entire human experience is a work of art. With a click of button it is now possible to know that experience is all inclusive and occurs on many simultaneous levels. In the contemporary art scenario, canvas, stretchers and paint do not have a notional limit. Today, several tendencies have emerged in an increasingly life- like format that overlaps the environment and blurs the distinction between art and daily life. Such changed tendencies also go beyond the formal divisions that have existed earlier among different art forms.

Akash is a painter, a printmaker, a photographer, a sculptor, a videographer, a futurist and above all loves dance and music. In this digital age, he is fully aware of the shift from the Euclidean age to the present axiomatic and perceptual world. His incessant pre-occupation with the playful imagery reverberates most of his work exhibited here. His space concerns are quite unconventional and the use of three dimensional- cum- relief like pictorial surfaces are his forte.

Deft handling of brush and his own meditative elation become a metaphor and seem to carve a language of their own. Most of his organic and inorganic images are involved in theatrical enactments and create metaphysical possibilities of the human mind. Akash creates an atmosphere infused with the laughers while the rigorous process of delineation of drawing lands a special charm to his work and inspire the viewers to comprehend full sense of their own imagination.

The significance of a work of a work of art depends on its purity and integrity; It refers only to itself and excludes all references to life. Akash gives full attention to the truth his intuition gives him. He enjoys paradox and treats the ordinary into parabolic images in an elaborate manner.

Akash loves to play with human forms. His human forms are fractured, mutilated, attenuated, metamorphosed and all of them dramatically transcend to the metaphysical. His images flow as signs and signals emerging through incidents, narrating stories and floating in an ambience of surreal world which engulfs him perpetually. All in all he is a blessed one of ‘The Muse.’

Shail Choyal






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